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The garden railway in Drásov

The therms to driwe of the garden railway

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We thank you for your visit in the Year 2016 and we are looking forward to see you in the year 2017.

The terms of the driwe at the Jahr 2017:

July: the Saturday 1.7.2017

July: the Sunday 2.7.2017

July: the Saturday 15.7.2017

July: the Sunday 16.7.2017

August: the Saturday 5.8.2017

August: the Sunday 6.8.2017

August: the Saturday 19.8.2017

August: the Sunday 20.8.2017

August: the Saturday 26.8.2017

August: the Sunday 27.8.2017

September: the Saturday 2.9.2017

September: the Sunday 3.9.2017

September: the Saturday 9.9.2017

September: the Sunday 10.9.2017

September: the Sunday 17.9.2017

September: the Thursday 28.9.2017

Oktober: the Sunday 1.10.2017

Oktober: the Saturday 14.10.2017

Oktober: the Sunday 15.10.2017

Oktober: the Sunday 29.10.2017

November: the Sunday 5.11.2017

December: the Sunday 3.12.2017 The 18. year with the Nicholas-driwe

The other terms, it is necessary to have a conference with mr. JUDr Zdenek Jobánek.

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