The garden railway

The garden railway in Drásov

Zahradní železnice-česky Die Gartenbahn-deutsch The garden railway-english

Welcome on the sides the garden railway in Drásov.

The garden railway it go at the first Sunday at the Month. The infos: JUDr Zdenek Jobánek 0042 606-333-066
The garden railway The garden railway

The sides of the garden railway in Drásov describe the Museum-expozition of the field railways on the gauge 600 mm. The garden railway in Drásov is located 20 km west of Brno in the picturesque countryside in the foothills of the Bohemian-Moravian Heigtlands On the other pages of the garden railway, the visitor will find a desciption of the path to garden railway, rules for visitors and others. At the photogallery are next to pictures of the operation, as well as pictures of the locos and railway cars. The terms are at the side The operating dates. In the end of the sides is the page of links to others garden railways and field railways.

The garden railway